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NYFW: Black Sail by Nautica Fall 2014 Collection -

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NYFW Presents Jack Spade Fall 2014: The Art of Subtraction -

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How to Take Care of Your Neckties -

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Nobis Spring ’14 Collection -

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To Fuse or Not to Fuse -

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How to Take Care of Suits & Wool -

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7 Essential Suits -

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Project NYC 2014 -

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5 Things You Notice About Your Clothes After You’ve Been Drinking -

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  • Nautica 2014 Runway (54)

    NYFW: Black Sail by Nautica Fall 2014 Collection

    Who doesn’t love chunky sweaters, layering and an awesome outerwear piece to accompany this global warming? Nautica unleashed their Black Sail Collection for Fall 2014 during this years New York Fashion Week held at The Salon at Lincoln Center .     The athletic-inspired collection was full of colorful bubble zip-ups  and functional knits. TWDM enjoyed the idea of being able to come from up under a fashionable coat and still have on a complete outfit.     One of the most interesting things from the Nautica collection were the L.L. Cool J inspired ‘oh so cool’ rolled up pant…

  • JackSpade 2014Col (52)

    NYFW Presents Jack Spade Fall 2014: The Art of Subtraction

      Jack Spade made their very first appearance at New York Fashion Week; known for American staples with a bias for simplicity, warmth and utility they were none short of style standard. The collection was inspired by the design philosophies of George Nakashima and Warton Eshrick, both of whom worked with wood and humble materials.  Jack Spade cut everything  in classic fabrics and familiar silhouettes and stripped away unnecessary details and, instead, focused on function and utility in both the bags and apparel with a  few moments of levity in soft goods and styling. Even though the brand did away…

  • nobis-logo-300x300

    Nobis Spring ’14 Collection

      One things for sure, this Spring is kicking off into high gear from one of my favorite Canadian brands, Nobis. TWDM discovered this brand during Project NYC a few years ago and have been instantly hooked on their creative ways to keep warm and shielded from the breeze. This season, Nobis has exchanged their furry accessories and Skyler scarf (one of my personal favs) in for fedoras, flat caps and airy performance feather-weights.   For some, what seems to be a windbreaker is just a windbreaker. Quality and the livelihood of investments not only ensure longevity in the lifeline…

  • Project NYC 2014

      Tis the season! We absolutely LOVE the time of year we get to browse, indulge and try on some of the markets new and hot brands for the season and a peek at The Blogger’s Project by Marcus Troy. Inside, TWDMs photographer Mike Law captured just why Project NYC is the ‘not-to-be-missed’  trade show of the year. Over the years, Projet NYC has grown; these days, trade shows are not just for the clothing but the accessories too. Year after year, brands built to spruce up your already handsome wardrobe are being included in the line up – and…

  • Kenneth WhalumIII

    The Suit & The Sax

    All in the name of Jazz, the universe is producing a young, vibrant and inspiring soul to breathe life into a genre of music that has long been paired with a “deep” and “saddened” emotion, alcoholism and truths about hard beginnings and humble journeys. Kenneth T. Whalum III comes from a very talented family tree of ministers and jazz musicians. His story doesn’t mirror the same path as some of his Jazz predecessors. Instead of being a hustling and starving artist fresh out of high school, he chose to continue his education at the prestige Morehouse College and then New…

The Fundamentals


Watch Etiquette

Feb 18, 2014

Etiquette has been looked upon as the conventional requirements to social behavior and proprieties of conduct as they were established in class or community or for any occasion. At least that is what the dictionary states. And while the whole world is too busy defying traditions because they feel like they “can”, watch etiquette may not be the one to break as institutions to formal wear are still being kept sacred.  This is perhaps one of the most ignored distinctions out there: the dress watches versus the sports watches:


To Fuse or Not to Fuse

Feb 4, 2014

How familiar are you with the collars on your shirts, Is you collar fused or unfused? Some men would think that this is a minuet detail and say that “it’s just a collar” but to stylish men around the world a collar determines the level of experience up against an amateur.  I encourage you to take the time to understand the petty differences of the two.

Wool Suit

How to Take Care of Suits & Wool

Jan 31, 2014

Everyone is so invested in buying new suits and decking them out; as you should be! What you also must be concerned with is its care. How you take care of your suit ensures its lifeline. Who doesn’t want to get the full use of the garments you invest in? Every man should get a solid few years out of every suit based on selection and care. Let’s take a look at a few things you can do to stay on top of it.


The Map of A Tie

Jan 20, 2014

Ties are the simplest and least expensive way to upgrade and rejuvenate your wardrobe; the style of tie you buy and wear is a highly subjective matter and based off personal taste but following a few basic guidelines can help in building a presentable wardrobe. The tie you choose to wear should  be a reflection of your mood. Start with quality; Quality ties are woven 100% silk, lined with silk and mostly inter-lined with muslin. Buying polyester will start a downhill spiral although is is most common and sold in large quantities. Here is a test: hold the

Hammer and Nails signage2

ALL MALE Nails Shop: Hammer And Nails

Nov 13, 2013

    TWDM welcomes  Hammer and Nails,  LA’s very first nail shop for guys! We’ve discovered a perfect example of creating a place for men to belong. A true ‘man cave’ in its own right; meet Michael Elliott, former screen writer. Need to unwind – for gentleman who’ve had a day filled with phone calls, bosses, deadlines and corporate deals Hammer and Nails is sure to give you an hour of peace a week, the guys way. How close is your concept to how women go to their spas? Whats the experience? I actually think the average guy is gonna…


Christian Moleon

#WellDressedWednesday: Jewelry Designer Christian Moleon

    1.Name, age, occupation, website Christian Moleon , 26, designer/jeweler/stylist, 2. Tell me about your business? I design men accessories such as broaches, lapel flowers, pins,collar bars, bracelets,etc. But I also I also do some women jewelry. 3.How do you decide what to put into your designs?  I like coming up with my own designs, put different things together and see how it comes out. I also try to come up with my own style, own designs and try and keep it different from other designers. 4. How would you describe your design style? Unique, very fashionable, and dapper….

14 Copy:  Blazer - Stafford Shirt - Ralph Lauren Sweater - Uniqlo Cords - Tommy Hilfiger Shoes - Ferragamo

#WellDressedWednesday: Phaon Spurlock

Ever wonder if the people behind one of your favorite websites practice what they sell? Advising the world on lifestyle choices is a big job; living up to it is an even larger responsibility.  Not for this media & marketing President. Phaon Spurlock, socialite and lifestyle enthusiast for Luxurious Prototype is every bit of a style sophisticate. Should you blink, you may miss him but he’s always around, networking among people you’d like to know, dress like and puff cigars.   Meet Phaon…   1.Name, age, occupation, website   Phaon K. Spurlock 27 President of Prototype Solutions, LLC (Prototype Media & Marketing and…

Men's Style Haus in LA

The Network: The Gentleman’s Closet – Style Haus

On the corner of Sunset and Argyle sits Los Angeles one and only men’s style haus by the name of The Gentleman’s Closet. It’s a gentlemen’s concierge service that operates as a one-stop shop for men’s accessories and furnishings. Although LA isn’t known for ‘dressing,’ Manuel Jackson created a style haven for men in Hollywood to spend bro-time, get fitted and have overall brand access.

Scott Dickson Dagondon

#WellDressedWednesday w/ Scott Dickson Dagondon

  Stylistos are no longer your mature, straight-laced gentleman defined solely by suits and high armholes. A new and evolved generation of fashion lovers are integrating their own personality into being fashion-forward. These days, it doesn’t matter where you’re from; truth-be-told, some of the most stylish men are from elsewhere. In our case,  Manila, Philippines. Meet Scott Dickson…