5 Style Questions w/ NY Giants Justin Tryon

Ny Giants

Football player turned fresh fashion face of Italian brand Eredi Pisano, Justin Tryon of the New York Giants sits down with us and dishes on his up and coming style.

From t-shirts, Louie shoes, belts and chains to custom suits, Justin has given us a peek of  his off-the-field style!

I'm inspired to get dressed because I like to be fresh! I like the way looking good feels on the inside.

The very first suit I purchased I believe my Mama helped me pick out. It was my high school prom. I was fresh; it was an all black 3-piece suit.

My first Italian suit experience was with Eredi Pisano. This brand gives me a lot of colors to work with. Color concept allows me to mix  and the fit is a plus; especially because of my athletic shape.

My suits fit  pretty well [from Eredi Pisano]. When you're an athlete, your problem areas are always going to be the thighs and waist. To be honest, my waist is close to a 28. So, fit is important

My favorite suit color to wear is navy. I feel like its an all-purpose suit. I'd rock a white dress shirt and brown shoes. fresh!

Ny Giants

Ny Giants


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