Do You Iron In The Summer?


This summers heat is giving everyone excuses and rationales for just about everything. Between work, happy hour, late dinners and weekend soirees, who has time to iron anymore these days? To iron or not to iron? That is the question. The summer heat is offering all kinds of difficulty when relying on your appearance to make the right first impressions.

Is it, that summer months gives everyone the excuse to let their hair down or is leaving the house rumpled being lazy?


For years, brands have promoted their stress-free lifestyle of crumpled shirts and iron-free chinos for easy living but when the summer rolls around, stylishly crumpled turns into wrinkled obligatory. Brands alike Abercrombie & Fitch have built their consumer base solely on relaxed visions.  If A&F can promote being disheveled, then when did wondering the streets wrinkled become so unattractive?

Are we purposely not ironing to save time and energy? Have we adopted the identity of Dockers and Abercrombie & Fitch?

The definition of 'wrinkled' says that  it's a crease on a normally smooth surface, caused by crumpling, folding, or shrinking but we know being wrinkled by washing, drying and letting our laundry be. If you're interested in sporting the 'wrinkled' look, here are a few tips to ensure your summer style is purposeful instead of accidental:

1. Sporting crumpled still means clean. Washing your clothing and starting with a clean shirt ensures  a natural look.

2. Slight machine drying is rec commended. Don't dry your shirting completely; leaving it slightly damp.

3. Lay your shirt on a flat surface buttoned properly. Smooth out the shirt with your hands and place on a hanger.

4. Let your shirt air dry.

Note: Please do not fully dry your shirt, leave it in the laundry basket to take out to wear. Or this is what you'll look like:



...when you're suppose to look like this:



Which wrinkled look are you going with for the remainder of the warmer months?


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