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July 23, 2014


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Friday, October 25, 2013

NBA Draft Day Style: A Recent History of NBA Draft Style Catastrophes

    A Recent History of NBA Draft Style Catastrophes Over the last 20 years, basketball’s annual TV ritual at Madison Square Garden has been the scene of some classic crimes against fashion. Ben Wills surveys the best of the worst. There are PLENTY of oversized double breasted suits, color blocking and interesting pocketchiefs to say the least.
    Hakeem Olajuwon, Houston, 1984
    Straight from the Phi Slama Jama formal.

    Photos: Getty Images

    Shawn Bradley, BYU, 1993
    Seven-and-a-half feet tall never looked so Woody Allen…

    Photos: Getty Images

    Gheorghe Muresan, Cluj (Romania), 1993
    …such a PAINful plot of patterns; Never borrow your dads suit OR tie!
    Photos: Getty Images
    Glenn Robinson, Purdue, 1994
    Anyone want a hotdog?
    Photos: Getty Images
    Jalen Rose, Michigan, 1994
    Fire-engine red pin stripe zoot suit. Possibly the most memorably awful Draft suit of all time.

    Photos: Getty Images

    Kurt Thomas, TCU, 1995
    Black-and-white houndstooth, black sweater vest, crimson pocket square. The perfect “Church Boy” played it safe…considering.

    Photos: Getty Images

    Steve Nash, Santa Clara, 1996
    This is the smallest tie knot of ALL time! and Yes, this really is Steve Nash. 

    Photos: Getty Images

    Erick Dampier, Mississippi State, 1996
    Dampier practically made color blocking the IT thing for athletes! *blank stare*.

    Photos: Getty Images

    Samaki Walker, Louisville, 1996
    Charlie Chaplin. called… he’d like his bowler cap back.
    Photos: Getty Images
    Tim Duncan, Wake Forest, 1997
    Duncan definately bought and killed the last mock “turtle” neck…or so he thought;  Little did he know Stan Van Gundy would swipe this look a decade later.

    Photos: Getty Images

    Tracy McGrady, High School, 1997
    T-Mac as a double-breasted,gangster from MJ’s smooth criminal.
    Photos: Getty Images
    Tim Thomas, Villanova, 1997
    Anyone missing their curtains?

    Photos: Getty Images

    Maurice Taylor, Michigan, 1997
    Detroit’s finest! oops!

    Photos: Getty Images

    Jared Jeffries, Indiana, 2002
    Caution: will cause dizziness.

    Photos: Getty Images

    Melvin Ely, Fresno State, 2002
    This is what being wrapped in EIGHT yards of fabric looks like.

    Photos: Getty Images

    LeBron James, High School, 2003
    Bron-Bron in his usher board auxhillary. My how things have changed.

    Photos: Getty Images

    Dwight Howard, High School, 2004
    Im guessing we could have added 2 more buttons. Are those sails in your pocket? LOL!!
    Photos: Getty Images
    Ronnie Brewer, Arkansas, 2006
    Gives TRUE meaning to walking by and smelling the roses!. wonder if he sprayed it with Polo?

    Photos: Getty Images

    Joakim Noah, Florida, 2007
    The hair, the bowtie, the kinda-fitting suit-trending toward bona fide style…

    Photos: Getty Images

    James Harden, Arizona State, 2009
    Andre 4000 himself

    Photos: Getty Images

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