Post-Game Style Recap:2012 NBA Finals Game 1




There has been TONS of style talk surrounding this years NBA Finals. The fashion in this series should elevate and turn interesting. These four basketball stars, Lebron James,Dwyane Wade, Kevin Durant, and Russell Westbrook  have the internet buzzing about their fashion choices throughout the playoffs .This may be an interestingt match-up on and off the court.

Lets checkout what the NBA stars rock’ed for game 1.

Sports style

From day 1 of the playoffs, these 4 have been stylistically battling for the number one spot. It's a 'you-can't-dress-better-than-me' war ; it's a fashion race to the end. But there can only be one chief. Who are the Indians??

For more on their color choices and how experimenting with patterns could make or break your credibility, read more. MTS

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