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The Proper Necktie Length


The question of the day is, ‘what is the proper tie length?” The short answer: when you stand, the tip should rest somewhere between the top and bottom of your belt. Although, tie length seems to be relative amongst regions, preference and classic styles, one rule remains constant and this is the tie/belt ratio.

Over the years, styles have changed and so have the rules. Standard rules no longer apply ‘for everyone’ these days; rules for the proper tie lengths are segregated based on height as opposed to sheer tactic and personal style. In the past, even the longest tie was frowned upon but overlooked if you legitimately possessed a line of style; it was a matter of taste, not propriety.

As for what proper length tie is required, some would say this depends on the person wearing it. This preference for wearing ties long may explain why Italian ties are 58″ or 59″ in length, despite Italians being, on average, slightly shorter, while English ties are often 57″.

Take a look below at the standard for proper tie length compliments of Cheap Neckties:

Neckties For Shorter Men
The necktie should be tied so that the tip of the tie ends near the center of your belt buckle. The narrow end of the tie should be completely covered by the broad end. If you are short, have a short torso, and/or a narrow neck, then this might be quite challenging to do. Unfortunately very few manufacturers make shorter ties for men, and if at all, only for kids. Your best option would be to take your ties to your tailor and have the narrow end shortened by an inch or two.

Neckties For The Big & Tall
If you are above 6 foot 2 inches and/ or have a larger neck size, then you should be wearing extra long ties. Especially if you prefer larger necktie knots, such as the Full Windsor Knot, the longer tie will be needed. If your height in inches and your neck size in inches added together is larger than 93 inches, then the XL size tie will be the best option. Extra long neckties are usually between 61-63 inches in length – about 4-5 inches longer than a regular sized necktie.

Neckties For Kids
The Kids ties we carry in stock measure 47 inches in length and are about 2.5 inches wide. They are the perfect fot for kids that are between 4 foot 7 inches and 5 foot 3 inches. If your child is taller, then the adult size tie will fit. For shorter and younger kids, the best option is to take the kids necktie to your tailor and have them shiorten the tie by a few inches at the narrow end.


Take a look at the different tie lengths and how they’ve been worn! The good, the bad and the ugly:



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  1. Williams Bill says:

    Morons and there long ass ties, take note!

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