Zara Men April 2012 Collection


Here is your chance to shop in a store with GREAT separates near you.

The April lookbook from Zara Man features clothing that easily transitions from formal to upscale casual

; Crisp lined shirts, tailored blazers and slim trousers make the outfits look formal IF you were going to wear 'as is,' but the idea is to use these great pieces– that compliment each other perfectly and pair them with the items in your closet.

It is suitable and affordable, and offers up as transitional pieces. I can see many of you walking into Zara to pick up a piece or two; try mixing and matching a colorful blazer and chinos (a little cargo wouldn't hurt). With the blessed weather we’ve been receiving, this is a style you could take advantage of this very minute.

Check out the Zara Man April collection, hitting Zara stores soon.






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